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Remote Mouse™ turns your mobile phone or tablet into a user-friendly remote control for your computer The free version will let you use your phone as a mouse, keyboard, and give you access to other media remote functions. You can install the app on an iPhone, Android phone, or even a Windows Phone. You can use it to control a Windows, Mac, or Linux PC. So whatever devices you have, Unified Remote should work for you Apps to Use Phone as Remote Wifi or Bluetooth Mouse for PC 1] Monect PC Remote Monect lets you use your phone as a remote mouse and keyboard, be it over Bluetooth, Wifi, or USB. It even lets you use the phone's sensors (gyro, accelerometer, etc.) and offers specialized button controls for gaming Open the Remote Mouse client on your computer, ensure your phone and laptop are connected to the same WiFi network, and launch the app on your iPhone. Click on Not Connected at the bottom of the screen, find and click on your computer name

Mouse: your phone will act as mouse. You can move cursor and click, drag and crop, zoom, vertical scroll from your phone. Ability to view PC screen. 2 To use Android as a mouse, all you have to do is create a new server and client functionality between your Android device and Windows system. In this case, Windows acts as a server and the Android device acts as the client. Though sounds complicated, it is pretty easy to do. 1

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As a matter of fact your iPhone screen makes for a great mouse, or trackpad. The idea of using iOS devices as a trackpad for your computer isn't new, but Mobile Mouse Remote is a great app that provides this kind of functionality with ease of use in mind. It even packs some useful bonus features It is so easy to set up and with a couple of hours practice getting used to it, u can use it faster than a mouse and keyboard. It's great if u are using a television screen as a monitor so u can sit back on ur bed or sofa and just comfortably chill! Really good app, totally worth buying! Also if u can't find ur wireless keyboard or mouse, u can just whack ur phone or iPod out and it saves a. Use Phone As A Mouse. The first application is Remote Mouse, as the name of the app suggests it acts as a wireless mouse for your PC. To make it work, follow the steps given below : Head over to Play Store or App Store from your smartphone/tablet and download the app. After downloading the application on your smartphone/tablet you need to install Remote Mouse server on your PC. To do that. How to Use iPhone as a Mouse with Remote Mouse Remote Mouse is a super handy iPhone app that works like a charm to convert your phone's touchscreen display into a touchpad for a PC/Mac. It can also act as a keyboard. Remote Mouse iPhone app comes in two versions: a free one that serves ads and a $1.99 version that comes with no ads Remote Mouse is available for iPhone/iPod, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. The companion Remote Mouse Server application for Mac or PC can be found here. With the apps installed and your mobile..

Moving on to the steps for How to Use Phone as Remote Mouse for PC. How to Convert Phone into Remote Mouse for PC: At First Open Play Store and Install WiFi Mouse APP. [appbox googleplay com.necta.wifimousefree&hl=en] You can also use other Apps that are similar to WiFi Mouse App Remote Mouse™ turns your iPhone or iPad into a user-friendly remote control for your computer. It simulates the function of wireless mouse, keyboard and touchpad, also provides a variety of specialty control panels, such as Media Remote, Application Switcher and Web Browsing Remote, which helps you perform specific operations more quickly

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  1. Go to your PC, laptop or w.e and search for Touch Mouse 0 Comment Comment. 8. Click on the first link. 0 Comment Now you can use your iPhone as a mouse! 0 Comment Comment. 23. It is now ready for your PowerPoint presentation! Now you don't need to go back and forth, to click on the laptop! BTW I'M LEARNING CHINESE, SO THE GRAMMAR MIGHT BE WRONG! - It means: My life. 0 Comment Comment. 24.
  2. Transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard or trackpad for your computer. This enables you to control your PC/Mac/Linux(Ubuntu, Fodera, Debian, Red hat, etc) effortlessly through a local network connection. A media controller, presentation controller and remote file explorer are all in this controller app. Now you can relax on the sofa and control playing a movie or game in the.
  3. There are plenty of apps available in Google Player that let you use your phone or tablet as a wireless keyboard or mouse for a computer. Monect can be used in this way, but it also boasts a number of other options that cater to a variety of scenarios
  4. The use of multi touch was a great idea for iPhone mouse of trackpad because it provides more ease to the users while controlling the computer through the mobile phone. As Apple has multi touch support in its different devices, many developers have introduced different apps that can be used to utilize your phone as a mouse
  5. d that the Mobile Mouse Remote app itself, which can be had from the App Store, is a $1.99 download and in-app purchases do cost extra
  6. Use Phone Keyboard for Computer: Step by Step Guide. If you have never heard about it, following is a step-by-step guide to help you connect your smartphones to laptop and pc and use it as mouse and keyboard.. Step 1: To be able to use your smartphone either as mouse or keyboard you will first have to download an application called a remote mouse

Answered June 1, 2019 Remote mouse app is one of the app that you can use to control your PC or laptop. Remote mouse simulate the use of wireless mouse; this means that you don't need any physical connection between your phone and pc. You can read more and download the app for your pc and smartphone from the link below How to use Android as PC keyboard - 5 apps to use 1. USB Keyboard. This is a free app that isn't requiring any driver on your computer - as you will see, the apps from below can work only if on your computer you first configure a server client. So, unlike most of the other similar platforms, USB keyboard will work inside BIOS, inside bootloader, with any OS, and with any hardware that.

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Use your Android Device as a Mouse for your PC. By Neal. Posted on October 25, 2011. Share. Tweet. Share. Share . Email. Comments. How many things can be completed using your Android smart phone, now you can add one more to the list as in the due course of the article we will see on how you can turn your Android phone into a mouse or say a Wireless Remote or even a track pad. It really makes. Many apps can turn your smartphone into a mouse for your computer; these three are good options: Unified Remote, Remote Mouse, and PC Remote. We gave each of them a test run, using an Android smartphone and Windows PC. All three apps were intuitive, and the mouse/touchpad function worked without a noticeable delay on each

There are many uses of controlling your PC from a phone. For instance, if your trackpad or mouse stops working for any reason, the mobile mouse can help you out in an emergency. This article will show you how to use an Android phone as a mouse on Windows computers. This will help you scroll anything on your laptop or PC right from your phone itself Transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard, and trackpad for your computer, it enables you to control your PC/Mac/Linux effortlessly through a local network connection. The media controller, presentation controller, and remote file explorer were all in this controller app. Step 1 This simply means that you can connect your PC Mouse wirelessly with an Android tablet or Android phone and use the mouse cursor to navigate through screen. All the functions of a mouse that can be used on the personal computer can be applied on the Android devices, without any limitations Using your phone as the touchpad is intuitive, and there are settings you can use to control the speed of the mouse and sensitivity.It also includes a cool app tray that allows you to switch to.. Here is the trick to transform your android phone as mouse and keyboard.It will be helpful when you don't have mouse or keyboard when you are out of your home. It is not much complex as rooting your android phone or using your android phone as modem.The process involved is very simple and the conversion takes only a minute

Convert your Windows Phone to a Bluetooth Mouse-Keyboard and control any Bluetooth enabled Windows PC. Just Pair your phone with your Windows System (pc, laptop or tablet) and start controlling it using this app DroidPad is one such application that allows you to use your Android device phone as a mouse as well as a game controller for your computer. It provides you with multiple modes for using as a mouse, and eight different gamepad layouts Apps to Use iPhone As a Remote Control for PC or Mac #1. Remote for Mac. When your body and mind are in the strong grip of lethargy, you don't even like to move from your couch. Probably, for this reason, remote controls were invented. And for the same reason, Evgeny Cherpak has come up with remote control for Mac. Unlike other controllers, this one is actually an app you can download on.

Remote Mouse is an easy-to-use app that works with both iOS and Android devices. You can also use it on PC, Mac and Linux. It lets you interact with your computer via touchpad, as if you were. Step 4: Use the Computer Mouse on Your iPhone. Now for the big moment — actually using the mouse with your iPhone. Since this is an AssistiveTouch feature, you need to turn AssistiveTouch on. So back out of the Devices settings until you're on the AssistiveTouch screen again, then toggle on AssistiveTouch at the top. Alternatively, you can use the triple-click Home or Side button shortcut.

There are 8 joystick layouts to use and many customizable options for a better experience. Mouse option is also very adjustable so you can make it work to your liking. Slideshow mode lets you use your phone as a tool to control presentations without even interacting with your PC. Installation is pretty much the same as with Mobile Gamepad This app turns your phone into a fully functional Air Mouse including the three mouse buttons and a scroll wheel. Now it could be over, but it isn't. Beside the gyroscope input you get an optional touchpanel, media remote controls, energy controls and of course a keyboard. And now the best: It's for free This mouse app uses Bluetooth to kickstart your iPhone as a mouse device. It will even allow you to use it as a gesture device. As a matter of fact, this mouse app turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless, multi-touch trackpad mouse, in-air mouse, remote, and keyboard for your Mac or PC. Now that is what I call a really useful utility app This PC remote control app provides essential features like keyboard, mouse, and gamepad work like a breeze. Furthermore, it has easy to use interfaces for many popular desktop applications, such. Alas! someone finally asked. Converting your mobile phone to be used as a mouse is a very tricky process but I'll try to explain in detail. Are you ready? Let's do this First and foremost, you'll need a few items * a Philip screwdriver (star 3mm).

How to Use Your Smartphone as Mouse and Keyboard for Your PC Clinton Madegwa 10/06/2020 Say you are carrying out a presentation on PowerPoint and the thought of reaching out to the laptop every now and then is not as appealing to you as using your phone as a remote control To use Clipbrd, you need to install the extension on Chrome on your PC/Mac and download the free app on your phone from the Play Store. Just set it up with your email id and forget it! Clipbrd works in the background and anything and everything you copy on any device is also available on any other device running Clipbrd. And if you are concerned about privacy, Clipbrd uses AES-256 to encrypt. Here is how you can control your PC/laptop with your Android smartphone/tablet using it either as keyboard or mouse. Android OS has increased the overall usage domain of mobile phones in a short period of time. Since it is always fun to do the awesome things with your smartphone, we are presenting a new way to use your Android smartphone/tablet. Using APKPure App to upgrade Serverless Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse for PC/Phone, install xapk, fast, free and save your internet data. The description of Serverless Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse for PC/Phone. No additional software is required to use the app, just a device with Bluetooth support! Use your Android device as a remote keyboard and mouse for your Smartphone, Tablet, Computer or.

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Apple iDevices can easily replace many different devices in your home. In one of my previous tutorials I showed you how you can replace your Apple TV remote controller with iPhone, iPad or iPod. In this tutorial I will show you how you can turn your iDevice into wireless mouse or keyboard which you can use to control your Windows or Mac computer Use your Samsung Galaxy Note tablet as a digitizer for your PC by Jack Wallen in Tablets in the Enterprise , in Mobility on July 23, 2013, 2:22 PM PS The phone screen becomes a touchpad and of course you can also connect a keyboard wirelessly. Turning your phone into a desktop PC within seconds. Finally, certain Samsung Tablets, such as the Galaxy Tab S4, can be switched to Dex mode with a tap. Connect a mouse and keyboard and it's a bit like having a laptop It basically allows you to use your Android phone's touchscreen as a touchpad mouse and your keyboard to input text - all wirelessly! Not only that, there is a file explorer and screen capture. Once you've confirmed you can use a mouse with your Android phone or tablet, there's nothing stopping you from using other USB or Bluetooth devices. These devices can be, but aren't limited to: gamepads, keyboards, laptops, printers, USB drives, and much more. An OTG cable is an investment that will never go sour, so I can always recommend purchasing one if your Android device supports.

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  1. On the phone, the mouse arrow has no lag but continues to move forward about 2 spaces after you stop the mouse on the mouse pad whether you use the mouse directly on your phone or on the TV. I figure it would be easy for you to find or create a driver you could install on your phone to make a handheld mouse work well and have good functionality on the phone. If you can make a mouse work well.
  2. So let's see how to set up gPad and use it as a remote for your media center PC. To get started, download and install gPad client on your Android phone from the market
  3. Steps To Use Touch Mouse App In iPhone & PC: 1. First of all in your windows PC you need to download and install the Touch Mouse program according to the version of your Windows as this is a driver that will allow you to have wireless connectivity with both of your devices. 2. Now in your iPhone you need to download and install the app Touch Mouse the app that will allow you to have.
  4. WiFi Mouse Transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard, This feature simluate joystick for controlling games running on PC/Mac. Voice input. Using voice to text feature of input methods, this feature help you send text to your computer. Setup. 1, download WiFi Mouse app for Android/IOS. 2, Download mouse server for your computer. 3,Run them on your phone and computer. Open source.
  5. Adding mouse control for JACK-PC to the Start menu. If you're looking for an amazingly easy tool that allows you to remotely control your PC with your Windows Phone 8, then PC Remote is the tool.
  6. Aside from its ability to cast mobile devices to PC, it allows you to do the opposite which is to mirror computer on mobile phones. Thus, you may use iPhone as second monitor or your Android depending on your available resources. It also enables users to control the monitor in real-time; so, whatever changes you've made on your phone will reflect on your PC. This is perfect when you're.

Now you can use your phone to manipulate your PC from anywhere, though you'll probably want to do restrict yourself to accessing your PC while your phone is connected to your home network, since. Transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard and trackpad for your computer, it enables you to control your PC/Mac/Linux effortlessly through a local network connection. WiFi Mouse can replace your real mouse, keyboard or controller when they are broken. Now you can relax on the sofa and control playing movie in the comfort of your own. Simply install Air Mouse Pro on your iPhone through the app store and enable tethering on your iPhone. (see google). Once this is done you can join a pan with your computer either mac or pc with Bluetooth and the server software installed. I am using it right now while the laptop is on wifi Internet, and it is nothing less than spectacular. The best Bluetooth remote in the world until someone. How to use Windows phone as Mouse/ Keyboard/ Remote control: To use your Windows phone as Remote control: Download & Run PC Remote app on your phone and PC Remote server on PC. Then connect the phone to Same WiFi network as PC. Open the app, it will scan and show your PC. Tap on your PC name to connect

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bluetooth app setup for pc free download - Bluetooth PC Dialer, Apps to PC, Serverless Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse for PC / Phone, and many more program New to the market, Accelerometer Mouse (currently in beta) is yet another Android app that lets you take control of your computer's mouse movements over WiFi, but to achieve said purpose, it uses your Android device's accelerometer. That is, mouse movements are controlled by tilting your Android device to various angles. The app works in combination with a Java-based desktop server that.

How To Fix Mouse Cursor Lagging in Windows 10 After AMD Driver Update; How To Use AMD ReLive Capture Screen Recording; How To Link Phone To Windows 10 And Use Continue on PC; Troubleshoot and Improve RDP Connections with UDP; How Much Power Output the USB Ports Provide on My Computer; TAGS; android; apps; iphone; Mic; Windows phone ; 3 COMMENTS. Tom September 7, 2016 at 6:55 am. The comments. Download Mouse Phone apk 1.11 for Android. Powerful wireless mouse. EN English; Português Run the server app and the smartphone app (validate that your phone and your PC are connected to the same WiFi network). 6. Type in the server text box the phone's IP address (appears below to the phone's text box) and click on Start. 7. Return the same process in your smartphone with the server IP.

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You need a good microphone on your computer in order to make audio recordings, voice chat, or use speech recognition. However, not every computer comes with a built-in mic, and not every built-in mic works great. You can purchase a cheap computer microphone on Amazon for as low as $4.99, but why do that when you've got your Android phone or tablet right beside you Turn your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad as Wireless Mouse or Keyboard and control Mac or PC from anywhere from the room. Yes it is possible with the new iOS app Remote Mouse. The app works fine on all iOS devices and needs WiFi and 3G connection to connect with your Computer. After that you can enjoy all features of wireless mouse and keyboard on your iOS device. The app is Compatible with. Launch Touch Racer on your Android phone, and also open it on your PC. If your phone and PC are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network, or paired on Bluetooth, the PC client should automatically detect your device and change the connection status to connected with no additional steps. In the Touch Racer app on your phone, go into Settings. The various settings are completely up to you, but they mostly deal with the sensitivity of the steering. Steering sensitivity is self-explanatory. Why We Use Android As Mouse ? Friends most of us use PC or mac only for the sake of recreation I also use it to watch movies and dramas while watching them we want to minimize or maximize the height or weidth of our screen and it is very bad thing when we sit a distance away form the PC so we want to control our PC using mouse just like the remote of a TV that's why we can use android phone. Use Your iPhone As A Mouse (And More) Computer Mouse Controlling Apps Instead of buying an expensive wireless mouse for your PC or Mac or your Media PC, why not spend a few bucks on an iPhone app.

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AirDroid is a program that enables you to transfer all the data from your smartphone to PC. It is available both as desktop software and mobile application. To access your data, you need to.. If you need a break from hunching over your desk, a spare smartphone can serve as a touchscreen mouse for your PC. All you need is a remote mouse app that communicates with a companion desktop app..

How to Use Symbian S60 Phone as Touchpad, Mouse or Remote Control for PC SmartTouch is an application which allows you to control your computer through your phone via Bluetooth. You just need a computer with Bluetooth and a S60 5th Edition phone and you are all ready to go. Here's how you can do it following simple step Turn your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a wireless touchpad and keyboard now. You can take control of your presentations from anywhere in the room. Features: Two finger tapping for double click. Two finger dragging for scroll. Function keyboard with arrow keys. Touchpad with vertical and horizontal orientation. Accelerometer based mouse. Works over WiFi network or 3G. Easy-to-use user. You will Operate Android your phone from Computer, PC or Laptop with the aid of the computer mouse/touch-pad for a Laptop/PC and the Keyboad for typing in case you are to text. You can use the keyboard to type text messages say in a chat and use the mouse to click around as the phone will be displayed on your computer screen

In a nutshell, this handy tool displays the PC or Mac's desktop right on your smartphone's screen. However, that kind of setup is a bit of an overkill in some instances. For example, let's say that you've connected your laptop to an HDTV, enjoying some YouTube videos on the big screen. But at the same time, you don't happen to own a wireless keyboard or mouse, and getting off the couch in. Stream PC Desktop to Phone for Virtual Reality (Now With Head Tracking!): I've loved virtual reality for a long time. Although you won't need one, I finally got my hands on a 3D Printer, and was able to print a VR headset. Unfortunately, this doesn't come with any electronics. I've been using my iPod Touch as its screen. Last week, I had a little problem with my HP Pavilion X360 PC while I was at work.My PC's 3.5MM headphone jack didn't work. Of course this is a Windows PC problem sometimes because I have been using it for like a month without shutting it off instead, I hibernate whenever I'm going off it then I come back to continue my works The large red square on your phone is the mouse capture box, the left green box acts as the left mouse button, the right green box acts as the right mouse button, and the keyboard icon between the.. If you want to use your mobile phone as a wireless mouse for your computer then this post is definitely for you. In this post, I'm going to talk about an application called Remote Mouse . Remote Mouse is a free application that allows you to control your PC using your Android/iPhone/Windows phone

Got a Raspberry Pi but don't have a display, keyboard, or mouse? You can go with headless setup, or use your phone as a touch screen display (with onscreen keyboard).. This post shows steps to connect Raspberry Pi with your phone wirelessly and use it as a touch screen display by using Remote Desktop Protocol . Here is the list of contents of this post This is made possible through a smartphone app and PC app combo called Unified Remote. The app on your phone connects to the server app on your PC, which allows it to send mouse, keyboard, and other remote control-type input. The free version will let you use your phone as a mouse, keyboard, and give you access to other media remote functions. Not only is Apple packing PC-class hardware into them, iPadOS brought with it a whole host of features aimed at making the iPad a serious work tool. In fact, the whole iOS family of devices are packed with serious usability features. Not least of which is the ability to use a keyboard and mouse for your iPhone. Important: Upgrade To iOS 13.4. iOS 13.4 is a major milestone when it comes to.

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The purpose is to control the mouse cursor of a pc through a smart phone with a touch screen which is used as a touchpad for the pc. The pc and the phone are connected through a socket connection. they don't have to be connected to the internet, just need to be in the SAME LAN, which usually means they have to be connected to the SAME WIFI. Project structure. This project consists of two parts: the client(the phone end) and the server(the pc end). For now, there is an android client and a. there might be some weird hacky way to do it if your phone is rooted, but not that i know of. i think i remember trying to find out if it was possible years ago on my old pc. if your only planning on using it for games, maybe look at getting an 8bitdo receiver. im pretty sure it works with windows, and then you can also use it for your switch Once you have the PC running you right click on the icon in the tray and select Enable from the Win Phone/Win8 Tablet and then from the same menu select Information. Then go to your Windows Phone and enter the IP address of your PC into the app and enter the 3 digit code from the Information window on the host PC

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  1. Maybe you need a way to access your files from outside your home, or you use a headless system without a monitor, or you want an easy way to control a home theater PC without a mouse and.
  2. Control PC with Xbox Controller easily. If you're a PC gamer that plays with gamepad, sometimes you need to use controller as mouse on desktop. A known struggle: when you need to put your controller away, Alt+Tab and do some stuff with mouse, like block some bully in Steam. There's no need to do that anymore, reWASD steps into the breach
  3. Air Mouse: Use your iPhone to wirelessly control your Mac or PC. Posted by Ant on January 22nd, 2009 | 4 Comments. The latest version of Air Mouse, a utility that turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless remote for your computer, brings the usefulness of Apple's Multi-Touch devices to a whole new level. It has taken a few months to get there, but the number of truly useful and.
  4. mouse (USB type) monitor (that supports HDMI) Samsung DeX Station - DeX is a $149.99 dock station that allows you to connect your S8, mouse, keyboard, and monitor. DeX does not come with the phone package and must be bought separately. How to Set Up DeX and Use Samsung Galaxy S8 as a Compute
  5. Use your iPhone as a remote mouse, a trackpad, or even as a media remote for your Mac or PC By Janet Cloninger / June 11, 2014 June 10, 2014 / News / Apps , Computer Gear , iOS , Laptops and Gear.
  6. Yup, I've used similar on my phone (and before that, my Palm device,) to control my HTPC for a decade now. While it's nice to have something truly built-in on both sides, rather than my current solution, a kb/mouse VNC client on the phone and a VNC server on the HTPC, it's still rather unnecessary to make a big deal
  7. உங்கள் ஸ்மார்ட்ஃபோன் PC-யின் Remote Mouse-ஆக மாறும்!! நீங்கள் கணினியில் ஏதேனும் முக்கியமான வேலை செய்துகொண்டிருக்கும்போது, உங்கள் கணினியின் Mouse அல்லது Laptop-ன் tra

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Turn your phone into a computer mouse with Remote Mouse - CNE

I used Type2Phone for a long time, but got very annoyed with it's mouse driven interface (read: slow), not to mention mostly unnecessary interface (watch the letters fly by! whatever). I also wanted to use it for more than just iOS devices. I stumbled on 1Keyboard which I enjoy quite a bit. It's a generic bluetooth keyboard (and mouse!) binding. Use a Magic Mouse on a Windows PC. Kevin Purdy . 11/23/09 11:00AM • Filed to: Mouse. Mouse magic mouse Apple Windows Bluetooth Drivers Top. 45. 2. If you've been intrigued by Apple's pricey. Here's how you can use your cell phone as a PC replacement (it works!) posted by Victor H. Feb 10, 2012, 7:33 AM . Ready to make the switch away from your desktop/laptop/tablet? Moving to a new place and need to buy a new computer? If you have one of the latest smartphones in your pocket, you might be surprised to find out that it's got the power to handle easily some mainstream computing. A new video shows how Windows 10 for phone could be used with a mouse and keyboard for the first time, and actually shows a mouse pointer icon when it is connected to a device running the OS

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  1. Who needs a joystick when you can use your mouse as a joystick. This article will help you in using mouse as joystick. The computer mouse has a specific utility. It is used to displace the cursor so that it may glide over your screen over files and programs. In case of computer games, sometimes they are solely dependent on the keyboard and not on the mouse. In this case, the mouse needs to be.
  2. How to turn your Android smartphone into a PC: Turn a Samsung Galaxy S7, Nexus 6P, LG G5, Moto G, OnePlus 3 into a PC the easy way
  3. How to use your Xbox One controller as a mouse on your Windows 10 PC. Gopher360 is a great app with a small footprint that lets you use your controller as a mouse
  4. Wireless Mouse, 2.4G Noiseless Mouse with USB Receiver - seenda Portable Computer Mice Cordless Mouse for PC, Tablet, Laptop - Purple 4.6 out of 5 stars 27,112. $12.98 #38. Bluetooth Mouse, Jelly Comb MS003 Slim Dual Mode(Bluetooth 4.0 + USB) 2.4GHz Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for Laptop, iPad, MacBook, PC- For Windows 8.0/ MacOS 10.10/ iPad OS 13/ Android 4.3 or Above 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,383.
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