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OBIEE - Cast function. Home; Reporting and Data Access Tools; Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE/Siebel Analytics) OBIEE - BI Server (OBIS|nqsserver|nqs) OBIEE - Logical Sql; Table of Contents. 1 - About. 2 - Articles Related. 3 - Example. 1 - About. The cast function is the coercion function of OBIEE 2 - Articles Related . OBIEE - Date Datatype and Functions; OBIEE - Integer Datatype; OBIEE. When you use the cast function to transform a character data type as a date, you may struggle with the date format that you have to give in a formula column because it depends of the configuration. Be careful, you don't have the same date format to give if you use a OBIEE - Date Format in presentation variable, dashboard prompt and logical SQ SELECT CAST(hiredate AS VARCHAR(40)), CAST(age AS double precision), CAST(hiredate AS timestamp), CAST(age AS integer) FROM employee . CAST(db..table.col AS date) CHOOSE. This function takes an arbitrary number of parameters and returns the first item in the list that the user has permission to see. However, administrators must model the column permissions in the Administration Tool to. This article contains all information and articles the date datatype in OBIEE. Articles Related OBIEE - Date Format in presentation variable, dashboard prompt and logical SQL OBIEE - Cast as date - Which date format to use ? OBIEE - Datatype of a presentation variable Logical SQL OBIEE - Logical Sql Datetime Literals The SQL 92 standard defines three kinds of 'typed' datetime literals, in the.

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  1. Re: How to use CAST function in obiee 11g in rpd 505687 Jan 3, 2012 4:20 PM ( in response to 867000 ) Decimal is not a supported type in the logical layer
  2. can send it a Logical SQL to retrieve a data set. The Oracle BI Server transforms the Logical SQL into physical SQL through a process known as query processing that can be understood by source databases.. In Presentation Service, when you create an answer or a dashboard prompt, you create in fact a logical SQL that you can see in the Advanced Tab of the answer
  3. OBIEE - Data security (visibility of data) OBIEE - (Row-wise|List of Values) server variable; OBIEE - Repository Aggregation rules based on dimension (dimension-specific aggregate) OBIEE - Dashboard parameter prompt - The WHEN 1=0 or ifnull solution; OBIEE 10G/11G - Conditional Filtering based on Presentation Service Variabl
  4. Filed under: OBIEE Functions — Tags: Cast function OBIEE, Conditions in OBIEE, conversion functions guide obiee, Functions in OBIEE, OBIEE date function, problems with cast function obiee, Syntax for OBIEE functions — harikv @ 9:43 p
  5. OBIEE cast null as double precision. Hello everybody, I try to create a business model and there are 2 facts and 3 dims. Connections are here; - Fact A --> Dim A, Dim B- Fact B --> Dim A, Dim C Also, I create logical level based dimensions for Dim A, Dim B, and Dim C. Then set content level of fact tables as; Fact A --> Dim A, Dim B in detail level, Dim C total levelFact B --> Dim A, Dim C in.
  6. CAST( {expr | MULTISET (subquery) } AS type_name ) This structure is a little different as it does not separate the parameters by a comma, as many other functions do. Instead, it has the word AS. There are two main ways you can run this query. You can run it using a single result data type, which would be: CAST( expr AS type_name ) Or, you can run it using a subquery, which would be.
  7. Here's a good article on more with changing a CHAR using the CAST function in OBIEE. Happy Hacking Posted by duffieldc at 23:06. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Labels: code, example, OBIEE, tip. 3 comments: Anonymous 20 November 2017 at 01:05. Good way of telling, andd nice article to take data regarding my presentation focus, which i am going to.

La fonction CAST() dans le langage SQL est une fonction de transtypage qui permet de convertir une données d'un type en un autre. Il est par exemple possible de transformer une date au format DATETIME en DATE, ou l'inverse. Syntaxe [ By the way I've already tried to use CAST instead of EVALUATE or TO_TIMEDATE with the same result. Oh and this goes to the formula of the column in BMM. Thanks. obiee. share | improve this question | follow | asked Feb 25 '15 at 15:56. user4606397 user4606397. 21 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. add a comment | 1 Answer Active Oldest Votes. 0. You might get some clues by. select cast('22-oct-1997' as timestamp with local time zone) from dual; select product_id, cast(ad_sourcetext as varchar2(30)) from print_media; CAST & MULTISET. MULTISET must be specified when the CAST subquery results will return multiple rows. In this situation, the rows returned by the CAST function are the elements that comprise the collection value into which they are cast. Failure to.

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· Due within Days: TimestampDiff(SQL_TSI_DAY,CURRENT_DATE,Time Dimension.Date) · Days Past Due: TimestampDiff.. OBIEE - Prompts. Advertisements. Previous Page. Next Page . A Prompt is a special type of filter that is used to filter analyses embedded in a dashboard. The main reason to use a dashboard prompt is that it allows the user to customize analysis output and also allows flexibility to change parameters of a report. There are three types of prompts that can be used − Named Prompts. The prompt.

However, some of them (String functions) in particular have little different story sometimes in OBIEE. Let's discuss one such case here today: Have a look at below column. Let's say we want to separate text which is appearing before '_' (underscore) and the one which is appearing after. However, the part before and after _ may have different length. So now, if I want to display. OBIEE Support four types of authentication. 1)LDAP Authentication : Users are authenticated based on credentials stored in LDAP.This is the BEST method to do authentication in OBIEE and it supports company's Single Sign On (SSO) philosophy as well.2)External Table Authentication : If users belongs to multiple groups ,that information is being pulled from the data base scheme table.This. obiee - utilisation des variables par défaut. Principales variables prédéfinies . En critère. Quand vous filtrez sur les dates cliquez sur Ajouter plus d'options En invite. Cliquer sur Option et à la place d'aucun, choisir : Premier jour de l'année. Variable de session : DateDebutPeriode. Expression de variable : @{biServer.variables['NQ_SESSION.dateDebutPeriode']} Dernier jour du mois.

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Hello gurus, I have a requirement where I have to display ToolTip in OBIEE 11G reports when one hovers on its data. For example, If I have a column in a report which displays serial no. say the data in column is 1,2,3,4,5 etc. when I hover on 1, it should display name corresponding to it. when I hover on 2, it should display another name select cast( '22-Aug-2003' AS varchar2(30) ) from dual; This would convert the date (ie: 22-Aug-2003) into a varchar2(30) value. Posted by Kishore at 11:13 PM. Labels: PL/SQL. Newer Post Older Post Home. Search This Blog. OBIEE & BI Apps Certified Specialist. Total Pageviews. Kishore Uppalapati. View my complete profile. Labels. BI Publisher (19) DAC (51) DataWarehouse (4) Hyperion (27. Time stamp difference in obiee I have two columns with TIMESTAMP data type(One is In time and the other is Outtime).The values are as below. In Time Out Time 14-jan-08 1:40:45 AM 14-jan-08 1:30:45 PM 15-jan-08 3:22:53 PM 15-jan-08 5:23:54 PM 16-jan-08 3:20:50 PM 16-jan-08 4:23:54 P Check applying 'cast' for the date & it will truncate the timestamp ? give a try. Lband. 0. _main_ Posted January 7, 2011 0 Comments What version of OBIEE are you on? We are on and on this version it is a known problem. There is a patch for it. We installed the patch and had no issues after that. It was not an issue for us on . 0. Anonymous Posted January 7, 2011 0. Hello Friends,Converting the number to date is our current requirement . I have read some blogs and found this formula --CAST LEFT CAST our date column AS CHARACTER 10 ,

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OBIEE , INFORMATICA, OBIA DAC TRAINING FOR DETAILS CALL 09959531832 email ID: obieetraining03@gmail.co Did you know there are secret functions in OBIEE? TO_DATETIME is such a function. This useful function appears in the book No longer the tyranny of specific formats of the cast function. For example the following returned the timestamp I needed: to_datetime('01/01/2001 21:00', 'dd/mm/yyyy hh:mi') So what the good book says? This function converts string literals of dateTime format to a.

OBIEE - Presentation Layer. Advertisements. Previous Page. Next Page . Presentation layer is used to provide customized views of Business model in BMM layer to users. Subject areas are used in Presentation layer provided by Oracle BI Presentation Services. There are various ways you can create subject areas in Presentation layer. Most common and simple method is by dragging Business Model in. CAST et CONVERT (Transact-SQL) CAST and CONVERT (Transact-SQL) 08/23/2019; 25 minutes de lecture; Dans cet article. S'applique à : Applies to: SQL Server SQL Server (toutes les versions prises en charge) SQL Server SQL Server (all supported versions) Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Managed Instance Azure SQL Managed Instance Azure SQL. Hi, I'm new to obiee tool. my dimension table have composite primary keys (3 keys - suppose employee id, employee ssn, phone no) and my fact table have (2 keys - employee id, employee ssn ) then, how do we do physical join in physical layer ? Do, we need to create 2 alias tables and join to my fact table ? or, else can i use expression builder in the physical diagram..physical join Oracle BI Answers Custom Format Strings for Conversion into Hours. Table 11 shows the custom format strings that can be used to format data into hours. These can be used on the following kinds of fields: Fields that contain integers or real numbers that represent the time that has elapsed since the beginning of the day (12:00 AM) OBIEE - Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. Page 2/11. Read Free Obiee Documentation Restitution de l'information décisionnelle. Type de produit et caractéristiques d'OBIEE. Orale Business Intelligence (OBI) est une plateforme intégrée BI (Business Intelligence) complète et innovante qui répond à l'ensemble de vos besoins décisionnels. Fortes de nombreuses années d.

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In OBIEE, direct date to timestamp conversion is not possible unless we use evaluate functions to call it's database functions One way i found to convert date column to it's timestamp is: First, cast the date column to char later cast it to timestamp Ex: Cast(Cast(CURRENT_DATE AS CHAR) AS TIMESTAMP) You may have question why we need to convert it to timestamp.. Well, while using. How can we achieve this below using EVALUATE function in obiee. I can use cast to do this but i need to use EVALUATE for my purpose.Can someone please throw light on this. to_char(date_column,'MM') This can be done in BI itself. Please do not degrade BI.month(date_column)based on the return value go for concat to prefix 0 if helps mark . Not on the suggestion, but I am more awe on the way.

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In the given subject area we have a column OrderDate in DATE-TIME format. We have been asked to display the OrderTotal measure by Year-.. CAST (x ASy) This function changes the data type of an expression or a null literal to another data type. Most commonly used datatype values for 'y' are: CHAR, VARCHAR, INTEGER, DOUBLE PRECISION, DATE, TIME, TIMESTAMP NOTE: If you use the CHAR datatype, you can add a size parameter. If omitted, a default of 30 is used. If you us

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The Default in OBIEE is the American way. Lets see how can we change it. My customer wanted the the date in European format and stay with English interface. Option 1: The default option is to change the settings for each user in My Account: And set the locale to a proper one. For example this is English United States: This is English UK: This is Russian dates: When you change to non English. In this OBIEE interview questions you will get the knowledge to help you clear the OBIEE job interview. Through this set of interview questions you will learn how to create interactive dashboards, executing direct SQL in OBIEE, different types of.

1. If data value is in number then cast it to char. to do this hover on column - Click on Edit Formula and cast the column from number to char data type. 2. Now to pass the value of the column to browser, hover you mouse pointer over column - select column properties - click on Data Format - enter the following Posts about OBIEE 11g written by srikalyan swayampakula. My aim was to display revenue across regions over past 3 months and an additional column for displaying the graphs (just like Sparkline feature in office 2010) CAST( SUBSTRING(CAST(Sample Sales.D0 Time.T00 Calendar Date AS VARCHAR(10)) FROM 1 FOR 4 ) || SUBSTRING(CAST(Sample Sales.D0 Time.T00 Calendar Date AS VARCHAR(10)) FROM 6 FOR 2 ) || SUBSTRING(CAST(Sample Sales.D0 Time.T00 Calendar Date AS VARCHAR(10)) FROM 9 FOR 2 ) AS INT ) Until Next Post :) Posted by Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) at 10:32 AM. Email This BlogThis. For 10g it was easy and we can easily bypass security by modifying NQSConfig.INI file. But this is not applicable for OBIEE 11g. However we had the solution till OBIEE version to get rep password through process as below: ( Only applicable till versions Pre-Requisite - You must have Admin Rights to access weblogic & OS to. OBIEE Sunday, October 21, 2012. concat function in obiee Method 1. CONCAT (expression1, expression2) where: character_expression Expressions that evaluate to character strings (if numeric you can use CAST function). For example - CONCAT ('The year is ', CAST(TimeTable.FiscalYear AS CHAR)) Method 2: CONCAT (expression1 || expression2 || expression3 and so forth) where: Very much like the.

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Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) CAST to float returning 0 Hi All,If I run the following SQL in the database I get the decimal value 10.13 (HH concatenated with . and then MM) Finally, Oracle OBIEE 11g has officially been launched to a very large fan base of both OBIEE and Essbase on July 7. Its a long overdue and lets see how the world receives it. As a technologist, I have PATIENTLY listened to all the Oracle's sales pitch for 2 hrs of their recorded web cast and here are some things that I came up with that may be of interest to the OBIEE technological. In OBIEE, direct date to timestamp conversion is not possible unless we use evaluate functions to cal l it's database functions One way i found to convert date column to it's timestamp is: First, cast the date column to char later cast it to timestamp. Ex: Cast(Cast(CURRENT_DATE AS CHAR) AS TIMESTAMP) You may have question why we need to convert it to timestamp.. Well, while using. Sometimes we need to add a dummy column to OBIEE report. This is specially true for combine request reports (acting as unions) when we need only the values from one part of the union and nulls or zeroes for the other. To acheive that, we need to add a column with either null or zero value (depending on our requirement). The values to put inside the dummy column's formula are different. Allie & Obie (2018) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more

Nice explaination but i have one issue how will i convert a sql query in obiee using filters 1) Tablename.mmc_start_date is between 22nd last month & 21st of this month. 2) OR Tablename.mmc_end_Date is between 22nd last month & 21st of this month. I have declared one Presentation variable. In that i am bringing month and year as prompt. Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. Add comment. Load more. But as we know OBIEE repository is having 3 types of Character types and max size of the datatype is 4000 1. VARCHAR 2. BINARY VARCHAR 3. LONGVARCHAR If values exceed more than 4000 character in a columns It does not show the value in the OBIEE answers/Dashboards but the interesting fact is OBIEE VARCHAR column support to the max size of 8000 So here is the workaround: Step1: Right click on. In OBIEE to convert rows into column I usually use user defined function and call it using Evaluate as shown here. Oracle database 11g R2 introduced a new predefined analytic function LISTAGG, if you are in 11gR2 database you can use this function for string aggregation. Sample dataset with department and its employees Department Employee ----- ----- Marketing Michael Marketing Pat Purchasing. Dear Evan Hansen (Original Broadway Cast Recording) (2017) Music From The Original Series The Politician (2019) Singles Waving Through a Window (2017) Found/Tonight (avec Lin-Manuel Miranda) (2018) Bad Habit (2019) Ease My Mind (2019) Grow as We Go (2019) So Will I (2020) Everything I Did to Get to You (2020) Distinctions. Platt et Rachel Bay Jones de la troupe de Dear Evan.

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Oracle Data Visualization and OBIEE 12c offer a right click interaction to include forecast data in many visualizations. But it also let users manually configure and edit Forecast functions as custom calculations. This Forecast function is based on a R script ran by Oracle BI Server, and comes with various options and parameters enabled. For example, it allows to define the number of periods. PART 1: Deploying analyticRes in OBIEE 11g weblogic server. The default installation for Oracle BI EE 11g creates a default directory that can be used for customization. I have installed OBIEE at D:/OBIEE_MIDDLEWARE. So in my case the directory is a

Sometimes when you do a direct database Request especially from Oracle you have problems when a number to obiee is an integer Do the below to resolve. In your sql statement CAST(yourcolumn AS double precision) To change integer into double precision ---select CAST(yourcolumn AS double precision) from Yourtabl OBIEE is based on the concept of stored and reusable objects. b) You will never have your filters in your CSV output since CSV is a raw data output and not a formatted / graphical one. If you were using a graphical analysis export you could always add the Filters View to your results. Long story short since you're using OBIEE as a data dump tool and are circumventing what the tool is. Stack Overflow Public questions & answers; Stack Overflow for Teams Where developers & technologists share private knowledge with coworkers; Jobs Programming & related technical career opportunities; Talent Recruit tech talent & build your employer brand; Advertising Reach developers & technologists worldwide; About the compan We will discuss anything and everything about OBIA/OBIEE along with Data Warehousing Concept. Sometime we will talk about Oracle EBS also as in our data warehouse projects EBS could be our source. Wednesday, 16 July 2014. OBIEE - Date Expressions 1) First Day of the Previous Year. TIMESTAMPADD( SQL_TSI_YEAR , -1, TIMESTAMPADD( SQL_TSI_DAY , EXTRACT( DAY_OF_YEAR FROM CURRENT_DATE) * -(1) + 1.

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OBIEE - Calculation Measures. Advertisements. Previous Page. Next Page . Calculated measures is used to perform calculation of facts in logical tables. It defines Aggregation functions in Aggregation tab of logical column in the repository. Create New Measure. Measures are defined in logical fact tables in repository. Any column with an aggregation function applied on it is called a measure. Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, OBIEE, Oracle BI, OBI EE, BI, best practices, examples and technical solutions from data modelling to reports and dashboard. Tuesday, March 31, 2009. Date between in filter and title when using presentation variable from calendar dashboard prompt or drop-down list in OBIEE. In my previous post how to change date format mask in date dashboard. OBIEE - Selecting Date range from a Prompt Without breaking aggregation awareness In the past I wrote about OBIEE Prompts - Last Year, Last Month and Custom Dates, it works fine and eventually passes date-based filters. OBIEE developers often use aggregation awareness. My customer wanted to combine the two methods, having prompt for selecting various date ranges (last month, last year, last.

The OBIEE home page, shows the most recent and the most popular dashboa... 1Z0-146 Dumps: Oracle Database 11g: Advanced PL/SQL. Dear All, In this post, we are posting the set of questions, asked in the 1z0-146 exam.. OBIEE 12c: Dashboard Prompts Are Displaying 'NULL' Value When Column Is Configured As 'Nullable' (Doc ID 2143674.1) Last updated on AUGUST 14, 2020. Applies to: Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition - Version to [Release 12g to 12c] Information in this document applies to any platform. Goal. OBIEE 12c is displaying 'NULL' in the dashboard prompt. The column in. 5. refresh OBIEE screen Then it works without any problems! Seems that Oracle is already working on some patches: see patch # 13564003 released by Oracle Support which repairs this limitation. Till Next Time . Read More. September 5, 2011 John Minkjan. OBIEE Calendar Control. Question from the OTN Forum. (Works in 10 & 11g) Select a YearMonth, YearWeek and Date from your Calendar. Cast: Julie Johnson. Tags: OBIEE, oracle, oracle business intelligence, 11g, programming, databases, computers, IT training and education. OBIEE Training Tutorial #2 | Learn How To Create An Oracle BI 11g Analysis. This is Part 2 of the ADF 11g security form video tutorial produced by Julie J @ Firebox Training. During Part 1, you found out how to establish an ADF page for through bean. cast null as double precision in obiee admin August 14, 2019 August 14, 2019 No Comments on CAST NULL AS DOUBLE PRECISION IN OBIEE This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for, i'm already your rss reader now and i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you

Note - This exercise has been carried out using OBIEE 11g. There are many ways to arrive at the solution - This one is coming to my mind and applicable at the front end. One assumption : In the Period table - I have a unique identifier Month_Id that uniquely identifies YearMonth - Just like the Calender_Month_Id in the Times Table of SH schema that comes with Oracle database. So let us. Using the NQSGetSQLDataTypes Procedure to Access Data Type Information. To access a list of data types supported by Oracle BI EE, use the Oracle BI Server utility nqcmd to run the NQSGetSQLDataTypes procedure. For example: call NQSGetSQLDataTypes(0); When you run this procedure, the results contain a list of supported data types and information specific to each data type, such as case. You can use two equivalent syntax forms to cast expressions from one data type to another: CAST ( expression AS type) expression:: type Arguments. expression. An expression that evaluates to one or more values, such as a column name or a literal. Converting null values returns nulls. The expression cannot contain blank or empty strings. type. One of the supported Data types. Return type. CAST. Cast had created one problem when it was used in evaluate function. By default obiee takes char(30). But here 8 characters are enough for date. By default obiee takes char(30). But here 8 characters are enough for date Unfortunately OBIEE doesn't seem to understand this too well, and anyway all I'm interested in is the date and time, all the timezone stuff is not required for reporting (phew). There is a way to change the TIMESTAMP(6) WITH TIME ZONE column to a date and it passes a couple of the best practice tests, mainly that it is performed in the database, as far back down the chain as possible and.

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Créer un compte. Vous n'avez pas encore de compte Developpez.com ? L'inscription est gratuite et ne vous prendra que quelques instants ! Je m'inscris CAST (expr AS type) is a conversion function in OBIEE that changes the data type of a value or a null value to another data type.This is one solution to change the datatype,but when I tried with this the column heading in report changed to different colour and my client didn't liked that solution.So I tried another solution.Follow the below steps and screenshots OBIEE Online training by ex-Rittman Mead and Oracle trainer. Contact : naveen@bipracticals.com Watsapp : +65-82830121 Training will be real time and more hands on. Number of slots available : 2/ If you read posts 2,3,4 of this OBIEE ='0' THEN None.None ELSE CAST(@{P_Col2} AS CHAR) END Quantity ---> formula : SUM(Quantity) Note :Instead of NULL I checked for '0' because if i dont select the column in prompt its returing numeric 0. None.None is hidden in RPD layer When i select Business Unit, i am getting aggreated quanity as, Quantity: 10,20,40 But the Business unit column. If anyone is interested in obiee training in delhi/ncr ,contact me @9711336167 or email me @ naveen.yadav37@yahoo.co.in . Sunday, 6 November 2016. OBIEE Prompt: Month Year prompt values in ASC order by year and month We have a period name as a combination of Month and Year and using this in dashboard prompt,value gets sorted alphabetically by month name as shown below. requirement is to sort.

Getting a TopN in OBIEE is pretty simple using the rank function: But how can we compare this to the rest? Let's add an extra column which gives us the rank number if it's between 1 and 10, else 99. case when RANK(F1 Revenue.1-01 Revenue (Sum All)) <= 10 then RANK(F1 Revenue.1-01 Revenue (Sum All)) else 99 end. Remove the original filter and check the results: Now add the Customer. In OBIEE, direct date to timestamp conversion is not possible unless we use evaluate functions to call it's database functions One way i found to convert date column to it's timestamp is: First, cast the date column to char later cast it to timestamp Ex: Cast(Cast(CURRENT_DATE AS CHAR) AS TIMESTAMP Hi, Iam an OBIEE developer. Presently iam working in an upgrade project .I searched a lot for articles related to upgrade in the internet.But i couldn't find anyone who could tell me correctly where to find the related articles.So iam using this post to tell you where exactly you can find the documents related to upgrade Astuce : la condition ELSE peut parfois être utilisée pour gérer les erreurs. UPDATE avec CASE. Comme cela a été expliqué au début, il est aussi possible d'utiliser le CASE à la suite de la commande SET d'un UPDATE pour mettre à jour une colonne avec une données spécifique selon une règle. Imaginons par exemple que l'ont souhaite offrir un produit pour tous les achats qui ont. A walk through some of the hard won lessons of using Oracle Business Intelligence, the experience of upgrading to 11G and how it works

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If you kept year as chronological key then obiee will be confused whether jan-10 is earliest or feb-10 is earliest. Because it knows only that 2010 is earliest and 2009 is older. So always it should be the lowest level of the dimension which needs to be the chronological key. In the above case it should be date. You can select either date or date_id(this could be a sequence generator values. CAST(null as DOUBLE) or 0. Text column. null or (two single quotes) Date column. CAST(null as DATE) Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Print; Email; Business Intelligence, Oracle Business Intelligence 11g, Answers & Dashboards, How to, OBIEE, reports Bookmark. Previous Article Create a non-reusable session out of reusable in Informatica. Next Article Correct order by Month date in OBIEE. Recent.

Oracle Business Intelligence: ToolTip in OBIEE reportsKishore BI Solutions: [OBIEE11g] ORA-01722 – InvalidOBIEE Last Quarter Calculations | Alipn&#39;s OBIEE WeblogOBIEE: Show data of past 4 quartersOBIEE - Date Format in presentation variable, dashboard
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